Top 5 to visit Osaka

Allow me to promote my hometown.


Chikako Inaba

11/18/20231 min read




1 食事


有名なのが「お好み焼き」と「たこ焼き」です。そして「おでん」「うどん」や「そば」も東京とは出汁(だし)ちがうんです。 一度食べ比べてみてね。

2 買い物




個人的に毎回帰国するたびに行くのはりんくうアウトレットです。 空港から1駅で、家に帰る前に必ず立ち寄って、滞在中の服を買うのが毎度のルーティン。

3 文化




4 スポーツ


サッカーファンには、大阪の2つのチームの試合のいずれかに参加してみては?: ガンバ大阪とセレッソ大阪。わたしはガンバ大阪派。





私と一緒に日本語を学んで 日本旅行をもっと楽しくしませんか。

When you think of visiting Japan, you think of "Tokyo"? I know, right? I also worked in Tokyo, and as you would expect from a big city, it was very convenient and crowded. It is convenient, there are many people, everything is available, and I remember that nothing was too much trouble.

However, my hometown has its own advantages that cannot be compared!

Let me introduce you to "Osaka" this time.

1. Food

Osaka is known as "kuidaore," or "eating out," and delicious restaurants every corner of the street with very reasonable price.

Among them, "okonomiyaki" and "takoyaki" are the most famous. Oden, udon and soba are also different from those in Tokyo in terms of soup stock. Try them and see the difference! .

2. Shopping

If you are a shopaholic, Dotonbori may be the perfect place for you!

Dotonbori has everything from inexpensive shopping streets to fashionable private stores to high-end department stores.

If you are a bit of a design enthusiast, the "Horie" area is for you.

Personally, I go to Rinku Outlet every time I return to Japan. It is only one stop from the airport, and I always stop by before heading home to buy clothes for my stay, which is my routine every time.

3. Culture

In terms of history, Osaka Castle is a nice visit.

Yet another feature of Osaka is that it is a city where the top comedians in Japan gather! Seeing a comedy show in Namba is a great experience. For me, it was a routine, but after moving away from Osaka, I realized that I love Osaka's sense of humor.

And of course, you have Universal Studios. The only park in the world with a Nintendo/Mario attraction.

4. Sport

The baseball team is the Hanshin! Watching a baseball game at Kyocera Dome or Koshien (in Hyogo prefecture next to Osaka) is a unique experience. Go Tigers! in a loud voice, you may be talked to by Tigers fans.

For soccer fans, why not attend one of the games between Osaka's two teams? Gamba Osaka and Cerezo Osaka. I'm a Gamba Osaka fan.

5. Access

Kansai airport (Osaka) is the gateway for visiting Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama and Kobe.

You can easily commute from Osaka to those cities for a day trip.

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