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Chikako sensei is very experienced and lesson content is not based solely on textbook materials, but also covers very native cultural Japanese topics.
Also, I have specific areas in Japanese for which I would like to focus on, and Chikako sensei would help cater specifically to my needs. Every lesson’s fun and fruitful. 先生、ありがとうございます :) !


Chikako Sensei offers clear explanations of Japanese vocabulary, grammars and use scenario with up-to-date examples. The course design has a great balance between learning and practicing. Sharing of Japanese culture is a bonus point!


Chikako san is very attentive to what we need, she has a tailor made plan for each student as she understands each student has different needs. My interest of learning Japanese is revoking on conversation, be able to communicate comfortably in Japanese esp during travel is my priority. I am so grateful that with Chikako san’s help, I am making progress along the way. I particularly appreciate her effort in establishing individual learning target/ plan for me, allowing me to enjoy the leaning in a non traditional way. She can of course accommodate those who prefer traditional sessions. Lastly, Chikako san is incredibly fun to work with, plus always flexible to accommodate my schedule. Thank you Chikako san for all the support. I am willing to refer you to anyone that I come across.


I have been learning Japanese with Chikako sensei for 2 years. I started learning Japanese with the gojūon. Now I can read simple articles and chat with sensei in simple Japanese. Chikako sensei always prepares fruitful content for us in every class. The class is relaxed and interesting. I am very grateful for her wonderful teaching. I recommend both group classes and private classes, each with its own characteristics and learning focus! Thank you sensei.


I've been having weekly 1:1 sessions with Chikako and I can't recommend her enough! Her teaching approach is incredibly gentle, and she always supplements the lessons with the notes that she shares at the end of each lesson. As a native speaker, she provides insights on the pratical usage of Japanese that go beyond textbook examples, which makes learning enjoyable. I'm grateful for her dedication in helping me improve my Japanese skills! :)


Chikako sensei is professional, caring and well organized. I will always be grateful for learning with her.


I am happy. I just passed JLPT N4 :-) Thank you Chikako Sensei for your support.


Thanks to Chikako Sensei, I passed the JLPT N3! Thank you so much! It is a miracle!!

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